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Gardens in my hometown-Yangzhou

Posted by: nshevche | October 6, 2010 | 2 Comments |

Some of us went to visit the Chinese Garden in Portland last weekend.The LANSUYUAN garden is a typical Suzhou style garden,while my hometown Yangzhou(扬州) is also very famous for its gardens.

Yangzhou,sitting on the northern bank of Yangzte River, is historically one of the wealthiest of China’s cities, known as various periods for its great merchant families, poets, painters, and scholars.As for gardens,my favorites are He-garden(何园) and Ge-garden(个园).

He-garden is honored as the LIVING WISDOM OF ORIENT.It is built by He Zhidiao, a 19th century Chinese envoy to France.The garden is famous for a 430m. (1,377 ft) two storied winding corridor, the walls of which are lined with stone tablets carved with lines of classical poetry, In the garden,there is also an open air theater set on an island in the middle of a fish pond.Here is one of my pictures of He-garden in winter.

Ge-garden is one of the four best gardens in China,and the magnum opus of private gardens in Qing Dynasty.It is well know as the only extant of gardening art for its Four-season rockeries.The architect of Ge-garden had distinguished the acuity of the figures and colors of rocks.In the garden,different prospects in four seasons are constructed with different rocks.The garden is designed by the great Qing Dynasty landscape painter Shi Tao for Wang Yingtai, an officer of the Qing imperial court, this garden takes its name from the shape of bamboo leaves which resemble the Chinese character ge-个.

In my own opinion,each garden in Yangzhou is unique.Most of them were designed by wealthy merchants who were also interested in literature,painting,calligraphy etc.The garden was not only their residence but also their backyard,where they could build their own world and enjoy their own four-season without disturbing.I’d rather say it was their fantasy land.

I hope you can go to my hometown some day,and wish you’ll love the gardens there.

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I have never been in Yang You yet. I have read some much about Yang Zhou. Yang Zhou is a beautiful city in my imagination. I want to visit Yang Zhou some day. Please wait for me there when you go back to China.

so much, not some much