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China’s Got Talent

Posted by: zgarrett | October 15, 2010 | 1 Comment |

You all probably know the concept behind the Got Talent tv shows. A lot of people perform their talents on stage in order to compete for a prize, which in America is a show on the Vegas Strip. The series was originally planned to air in England, but after some problems emerged postponing the show Simon Cowell decided to run the show in America. Now there are versions of the show all over the world, including China.

China’s first season of 中国达人秀 just came to an end and a disabled pianist named Liu Wei was the winner. Wei lost both of his arms during a childhood accident, but now plays the piano with his feet. To show everyone how far the human spirit can go to overcome adversity and to offer a little inspiration through the course of the day, here’s the video of the final performance.

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He has many icons that he can look up too. When I was little, we were touched by the story of a little girl who could write with her feet and graduated from college. I guess once there is an icon that people can look up to, they can go even further.