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Chinese Music

Posted by: mbenke | February 25, 2011 Comments Off on Chinese Music |






Hey all!  This is Mary Benke, a new assistant at the Language Learning Center for Chinese.

Recently I created a profile on China’s Version of Facebook, 人人网 (also called Xiaonei).  This site is really similar to Facebook in its abilities and applications.  Xiaonei also has a feature where members can listen to internet radio, with stations ranging from American rock to Chinese Jazz.  When I first tried this feature, I immediately came across my now-favorite artist Hackleberry (扑树 Pu2shu1).  Because the feature acts like a radio, this feature is a great way to discover Chinese artists and current musical trends.

That being said, Xiaonei is also a great way to learn Chinese characters.  The site uses simplified Chinese; if you still have trouble reading, the Language Learning Center can set you up with a program called Wordchamp that lets you read scroll over words and translates them.  If you have friends using Xiaonei, try contacting them and chatting in Chinese!

That’s all for now!


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