LLC Hebrew Software

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Hello Hebrew students! Now that you all know exactly where the LLC is (thanks to our on-line meeting room class session!) you should know about some of the amazing Hebrew Resources the LLC has to offer…

For practice with Hebrew pronunciation try following along with one of the LLC’s audio Hebrew CD’s. Here’s the story:
“Reading the Bible in Biblical Hebrew” consists of Genesis 1-4; it’s slow and easy to follow, but a little difficult to find your place. The LLC also has the Hebrew Bible: this version is slightly faster, but the tracks are labeled by book and verse and it includes all of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament.
The LLC also has an excellent software program, “Biblical Hebrew.” Like our textbook, it approaches Hebrew inductively, introducing and helping you translate increasingly difficult passages. Each lesson has 3 lessons and around 7 grammar/vocabulary exercises. The program also has a helpful grammar section which provides a good summary of basic Hebrew rules for nouns, verb forms, etc. You also might want to check out the sections for cultural background, maps and the dictionary. “Biblical Hebrew” is a good supplement for what we’ve been learning- come by the LLC and check it out!
We’re also very excited to announce that we’re in the process of getting BibleWorks! (more on this later… stay tuned!)

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