Using BibleWorks to Search!

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BibleWorks is now available on five labeled computers on the LLC. You can use BibleWorks to search for a certain passage or word. Keep reading for instructions on how to search and set the search/display version. I’ll also show you how to conduct a word search in Hebrew.

To Search
If you have the word in your passage already you can highlight it, right click and select “search for phrase”
To actually type a word into the command line:
1. Select Search Version
Click on the green square icon on the upper left
heb 1.png
Select “Choose Display Version.” Select the language by clicking on the red icon and then select the version (to view Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia, select the last option WTT BHS Hebrew Bible)
heb 2.png
Alternative method: On the main toolbar, select Search, and then “Choose search version”
2. If you are searching in English, you may type directly into the command line. If you are searching in Hebrew, type a period on the command line to cue the program to type in Hebrew.
3. Begin typing, either with the actual keyboard or the pop-up keyboard found clicking on the alpha icon on the upper right of the page or in the menu under Tools: “BibleWorks Keyboard”
Choose Display Version
Select the green icon again or, on the menu bar, select View: Choose display version(s). You may now select which versions you would like to display, with the “Choose Display Version” that you selected before.
You may change the order of the display versions by selecting View: Version Display Order. The options window will pop-up, allowing you to reorder the display of your versions. (For clarity, its best to check,

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