Conversational Latin

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I know that whenever I tell someone that I’m taking Latin, the immediate response is always, “say something in Latin!” Of course, I usually just say “veni, vidi, vici,” or something, but I know that I and many others want to know really how to speak conversational Latin. I recently uncovered a few links containing resources on conversational Latin, so here you go!
Simple Phrases!

This one’s just a preview of a book, but even the preview contains some pretty cool stuff. Unfortunately we don’t have it at Hatfield, but if you want it’s pretty easy to order through Summit.

In case you want to text your friends in Latin (email is too outdated, but that’s what they used for this article!)

Et tandem, I thought this was a fascinating video on the importance of conversational Latin!

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oknorr on 10 October, 2013 at 4:43 pm #

Gratias tibi ago, o Jo, quod hanc pelliculam nobiscum partita es. admiror Matthaeum Keil quod lingam Latinam tam bene loqui potest.