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Happy beginning of fall semester, everyone! A reminder that, as the new school year begins, many students struggle not only to engage with difficult material and challenging questions, but also to pay for books, fees, and, often, even basic necessities. (A whopping 36% of undergraduates lack food and housing security.)
The Sportula is a collective working to provide microgrants — petty cash of $5-$300 — to economically marginalized undergraduates in Classics. In addition to funding no-questions-asked, no-strings-attached microgrants, they have also worked to connect students with resources for non-monetary needs (e.g. finding a free copy of a textbook or a faculty mentor).
If you’re an undergraduate student in need of funds or other resources, contact them at or via Facebook or TwitterIf you’re a BIPOC, working class, undocumented, and/or financially-marginalized classicist at any stage of your career, feel free to join their private Facebook group.
For more information about The Sportula and how you can get involved, follow them on Facebook or Twitter, check out their blog, and read their feature on Eidolon, On Not Knowing (How to Pay for) Greek. If you want to donate, you can contribute via GoFundMe and/or by becoming a recurring monthly patron starting at $1 at their Patreon.