Nov 13 2007

Recipes, Green France, and PodCasts!!!

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Hello everybody,
I know that your semesters are flying by, and we are all feeling a little burnt out, but don’t forget that finals are coming up! So here are three fun way to brush up before finals, and have a little fun too…
First, when Thanksgiving comes around, I am all about cooking. Why not add a little French to your holiday? Using French recipes is a way to learn new vocab, get a crash-course in French culture, and get a delicious result! Here are some good resources for French recipes:

ChefSimon: features pictures of every step and suggests holiday menus
CuisineAZ: some food videos, fast recipes, and regional searches.
Meilleur du Chef also features pictures of every step and to-die-for desserts.
And of course for English versions, Julia Child is the resource to go to.
So why not replace your Thanksgiving apple pie with a traditional Tarte Tatin, or make a beautiful Buche de Noel?
Podcasts! Okay, we all love out iPods, so why not use them for a practical purpose as well? You can download Podcasts that are designed to teach you French and then listen to them while driving / walking to class / flying home for the holidays / cleaning / anything! Here are some sites from the LLC website:
Merlot learning materials: here find a series of 20 podcasts with PDF studyguids for adult learners and also the officials podcast of the Sorbonne!!!
Okay, and since the big environmental issues are always interesting, FGR suggested that I let you all know about Frances newest environmental effort, the “Grenelle.” (It is named after the accords de Grenelle that resulted from the student riots in 1986). The blog La Vie Vert has a great explanation:
“The Grenelle de L’Environnement was launched in July as the keystone of the newly-elected Fillon government’s push on the environment. It’s basically a huge pow-wow among all stakeholders on the environment aimed at defining – in a democratic, consultative fashion – the main policy axes for the next five years. More than 1000 proposals have been submitted by government bodies, industry, unions, NGOs and associations and the consultations should wind up in late October to yield 15-20 policies which should put France on track towards its ultimate goal of a 75 percent reduction in carbon emissions by 2005.
Here are some of the elements which are expected to emerge:
– stricter guidelines on air quality which will affect the chemical industry
– improvements on the energy performance in the building industry
– a new petrol tax to finance investment in renewable energy
– new GDP indicator which takes into account the environmental and societal impact of growth
– limits on intensive agriculture
Don’t, however, expect any big changes in the hot-button topics of nuclear energy, GMOs (genetically modified organisms) and incinerators.
The FNTR, National Federation of Lorry Transportation, for its part has proposed a series of measures aimed at cutting by one-third its carbon emissions. The sector accounts for nearly 7 percent of the country’s total emissions. The proposals include a speed limit of 80 kms/hour, a ban on overtaking and switching to biofuels. Can anyone actually imagine the French lorry drivers beetling along at 80 kms/hour, politely refusing to overtake eachother?”
Here are more sites that I found for those who are interested. I strongly recommend that you all check these out because this topic comes right from the source!
The France 24 site – full of information! In English and French
The official Grenelle site
French Embassy Article
The French Wikipedia article
This aught to keep you guys busy for a week!
Have fun, and as always, I await feedback.

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