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Feb 27 2008

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And We’re Back…

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Bonjour tout le monde!
Its a little late in the semester, but the French blog is back with exciting new resources to boost your language learning skills.
First of all, those of you fortunate enough to have had a class with Professor Goeury-Richardson (and we all wish her a speedy recovery I am sure) have probably hear about Les Guignols de l’Info. CANAL+ puts out their own claymation version of the news (mockingly) on their website. Listening to French always improves your comprehension, and you may get some laughs out of it as well.
Also, the LLC found this great website for making your own French comic strips. Technically its for English and Spanish, but it works for French as well. You can choose characters, poses, thought bubbles, et plus! This might also be a good teaching tool if any of you tutor.
Lastly, when working at learning a language, sometimes its best to think outside the box and look at something you already know if new ways. Google Earth lets you look at any point on the globe from a satellite point-of-view. That means the Eiffel Tower, New Orleans, Quebec, French Guiana, anyplace! Use it to improve your idea of Francophone geography! There is also a game that exists called Google Earth Wars that lets you set up a military base anywhere and launch attacks. Learning geography by playing games??? I love it!
Thats it for this week. Go forth and love language learning!
Jessa Fox

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