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Apr 01 2008

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Break is over! back to French learning…

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Welcome back everybody!
Break is over, but exams are quickly approaching, so of course I have a new round of ways to help you improve your French skills.
First this week is a new interactive website called LiveMocha. It allows you to create a profile detailing which languages you speak, and which you are learning. Then you can enroll for online courses FOR FREE. Right now they have French 101, 102, 201, and 202 listed to help those of you who are in basic grammar classes, but if you are an advanced speaker, the site offers you a chance to interact with other learnings, or native French speakers who are trying to learn English. The courses will also suite visual learners well as they often use photo flashcards. Who knew the word for gutter was “la gouttière?” Now I do. All you need is an e-mail address to sign up, so I encourage you all to try it out.
Second, for those of you who are passionate about music, Pandora gives you the opportunity to listen to French music and improve your skill and knowledge of language and culture that way. You can start an account and then search for artists. Then, if you choose “Create a station” the program will choose similar music and sting it together. So far I have found music my MC Solar, Noir Desir, but do a little research and be your own French DJ! Let me know if you create any great French stations that everybody should know about.
Lastly, I have to plug SSRD. All 8 French Majors will be presenting the works-in-progress that are their thesis. These will be in English, so people of all French speaking levels can come and understand. It will surely enlighten you on a diverse assortment of French topics from literature to politics to film to the secret revisionist past of your favorite French character- TinTin! If nothing else, it will give you a good idea of what pursuing a French major might be like. So save the date, Wednesday April 16th.
More to come before the end of the semester! As always, I hope to see some excellent feedback and ideas for blog entries. What do you do that helps you learn French? I would love to just have a blog of study ideas. What are your favorite French websites? These could be shopping, news, music, gossip, whatever! Let me know!
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