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Feb 19 2009

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Movie Showing!

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Bonjour tout le monde,
I would like to invite you all to a movie showing on Wednesday 25th February at 8pm in WLT 21. The movie we will be watching is ‘Les Poupées Russes’ (The Russian Dolls) and is the follow up of the movie ‘L’Auberge Espagnole’ (The Spanish Apartment). I highly recommend these two movies for people who are intending to go and study abroad.
‘Les Poupées Russes’ is a 2005 movie by Cédric Klapisch and tells the story of Xavier after his experience abroad in Barcelona. We learn that he is now a freelance writer who has written a book about that year of friendship and innocence and we discover what everyone has been up to.
Wonderfully filmed in Paris, London and St. Petersburg with an upbeat soundtrack, the film shows how we can all find a connection no matter the color of our skin, the dialect of our language or the social and cultural differences between us.
I hope many of you will be able to make it and it would be great to have both returning students from abroad and students who are going to be abroad next year in order to exchange about your wonderful experiences… in French!
Have a nice weekend

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