Sep 08 2009

Belgian Comics!

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Salut tout le monde !
I hope you’re all still doing well and that you keep working on your French. Today’s topic is one that is very famous in Belgium and that I am particularly fond of, that is comics (called bandes-dessinées in French)!

The Belgian comic tradition dates back to the early 1900s and has been extremely popular ever since. There are many different styles of Belgian comics, as well in terms of graphic design as in terms of scenario. This means that everyone, from kids to grandparents, can enjoy them. Some Belgian comics are famous in many parts of the world: I’m sure you’ve heard of the Smurfs or Tintin! Tintin the reporter from Brussels who was created in 1929 by Hergé is certainly the most important character in the history of Belgian comics. Since his birth, he’s been one of the most loved national characters in Belgium and has known a whole series of adaptations for the cinema and television industry. In 2011, two of Tintin’s adventures will be adapted for the movie industry by Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson, which should make it possible for him to gain prestige in the USA as well!
However, there are dozens of other comics that did not really transcend the boundaries of the French-speaking world but that are excellent readings nonetheless, here are some that I recommend to you (Comics are indeed an excellent and fun way to practice your French)
Largo Winch: A young billionaire managing the largest financial empire in the world who has to face a lot of enemies that often threaten not only his money but his own life!
Spirou and Fantasio: Spirou and Fantasio are two bold reporters who travel the world and live incredible adventures.
Gaston Lagaffe: A classic! Gaston is a really lazy and clumsy employee at the headquarters of a famous Belgian magazine. When Gaston is around watch out, disaster is close by!
There are many other really interesting Belgian and French comics, so if you need advice just don’t hesitate to ask!
Bonne semaine et see you soon!

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  1.   Caitlin Ratheon 24 Sep 2009 at 5:11 pm 1

    Awesome! Where can I find some of these comics?

  2.   fpoeteon 04 Sep 2011 at 10:31 pm 2

    Hi Caitlin, and anyone interested in Belgian comics !

    Unfortunately, the closest comics I’ve been able to find in my internet search today are sold by Powell’s books, in Portland – that is, if you want to buy them.

    Another solution is to use one of the services of the Hatfield library, here on campus: an interlibrary loan could be the cheapest and easiest way to find some Belgian comics. For more information on interlibrary loans, you can click on this link:

    I hope that was helpful… Enjoy your readings !