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Mar 03 2011

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A great sharing experience

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A month ago, the Willamette volunteer program Language In Motion (LIM) offered me the opportunity to give a presentation at the South Salem high school. I must admit that I was a bit nervous before the presentation. The teacher wanted me to do the whole talk in French, and I was afraid that the students couldn’t understand what I say (first because I speak very fast; then because I didn’t know what was their real level). But, actually, the presentation went more than well. It was all in French and the students were not lost at all (I know quite well how to recognize confused faces…). The teacher and the students gave me a warm welcome, they prepared a lot of questions for me about France, about the differences between France and the USA, and I spent almost half an hour replying to all their questions. It was absolutely great to see how interested and involved they were. They took an active part in the presentation and I absolutely loved this morning spent at the South Salem high school. I talked to the teacher after the presentation and she thanked me for what I brought to her students. But, the thing is that they brought me even more than I could ever have imagined. It was great to share my culture with them and to benefit from theirs. I really got quite a thrill out of the experience and I really hope to repeat it soon.

I shared a French song with the class  at the end of the presentation and the students told me that they liked it. So, here it is.. M. Pokora, \”Juste une photo de toi\”

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