Nov 05 2011

French movie nights in November: songs and laughs! (WLT B21, 7:30pm)

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Because of Thanksgiving, we’ll only have three movies this month, but they are GREAT!

We’ll start this TUESDAY, Nov. 8th, with “The Chorus” (“Les Choristes”), one of the cutest and most moving movies I’ve ever seen. To give you an idea, I’d say it’s the same kind of movie as “Amélie”, except much better. It’s not as “different” as “Amélie”, but it is a very powerful feel-good movie. “The Chorus”, starring Gérard Jugnot and Jean-Baptiste Maunier (from Lyon!), tells the story of an inspired music teacher arriving in a strict boarding school for boys in the first half of the twentieth century. Music is going to change the lives of the boys, as the school undergoes drastic changes, and as some characters finally find what they’d been looking for for years. “The Chorus” was incredibly successful on a worldwide scale, it has wonderful music and it was even nominated for an Oscar a few years ago. A must-see ! (trailer at the end of this article)

The week after, on Wednesday, November 16th, I’ll be showing “The American” (“L’Américain”), the story of Francis Farge, a Frenchman who is convinced that he was born in the wrong place. His absolute dream is to become an American citizen but the US authorities do not see that as a good idea. Francis and his lawyer Edouard Barnier (aka “Eddy”) will have to prove to everyone that he is truly more American than French, even if that means transforming a whole neighborhood into “The Almost 51st State”. See the trailer, in French, at the end of the article.

Finally, we’ll skip Thanksgiving’s week and have our last movie of the month on November 30th (Wednesday). “Eight Women” (“Huit Femmes”) is worth being seen because it is an adaptation of the game “Clue” AND a musical at the same time. One man has been murdered. Eight women, trapped inside the house where the crime was committed, become immediate suspects. Who is the killer? And what secrets are they all hiding? See the trailer and a song from the movie below.

ALL THE MOVIES ARE SHOWN AT 7:30pm, IN WLT B21. They all come with subtitles, and FREE DRINKS AND SNACKS! :)

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