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Feb 07 2015

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The Day Carmen won Our Hearts

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Bonjour tout le monde!

Ça va? Moi, ça va, actually I’m really excited to tell you about what some of you missed this week and, at the same time, I can’t help feeling sorry, precisely because not all of you came to the Portland Opera with the French Department! So, here’s what you missed in Glee the French Department‘s Adventures!

Last Wednesday, we had the great opportunity to go up to Portland for the Carmen dress rehearsal. For most of us, it was our first time attending an opera, so you can imagine how breathtaking the auditorium appeared to us. But it was nothing compared to the orchestra, down the stage, nothing compared to the sceneries and costumes and finally, it was nothing compared to the outstanding performance of the singers!

Carmen is an opera in four acts by the French composer Georges Bizet! It was first performed in Paris in 1875 and it has been a real success since then. We were lucky because the show had English subtitles to make sure that everyone understood. For those who still don’t know the story of Carmen, here’s for you:

And here’s another reason why you should come to the French Department events, check this out! 😉

Carmen_The Royal Opera

A bientôt! 🙂

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