Sep 30 2016

Astérix et Obélix are helping Cleopatra build a huge Palace !!!

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Come World Language Studio on Sunday between 1 and 3pm for a French movie with English subtitles!


Astérix et Obélix are two Cartoon characters from the most French Cartoon ever named by them.


They usually more come on a draw form but they took human form for once, don’t miss it 😉



I’m gonna try to talk to you a bit about them right before the projection happening on Ford Theatre and make you catch up with the running jokes to enjoy even more !

Just a little sneak peak :


So if you want to learn more about France and laugh a lot,

come on Sunday.



Image result for Asterix et Obelix mission cleopatre

And you want to hear a secret?
(maybe there’s gonna be some crêpes to eat too…)


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