May 02 2014

Last day of class!!!

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Unbelievable! The school year is coming to a end!

It has been a lovely year teaching at Willamette! French conversation group had some great folks!

The last day of class was super sunny, so the student of Conversational French went out for a scavenger hunt, and even put their feet in the Mill Stream to get all the clues! So what was the mystery word guys?!

We ended this year by a nice chat around food! Happy summer break Francophone bearcats! Bonnes vacances!!!

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May 02 2014

Senior theses presentations

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Congrats to our 4 seniors majoring in French who presented their theses last Wednesday!

Rachel Heisterkamp opened this morning with an interesting topic : theater of the absurd, discussing Beckett’s En Attendant Godot, and Eugène Ionesco’s Cantatrice chauve.

She was followed by Dominique Cleary who proposed a reflection on Wallon, an endangered language of Belgium!

Matilda Cornes was next with her theses on graffiti in Paris during May 68!

Finally, Jason Normand closed this enriching morning with his study on young French departing for Jihad.

The 30th of April was not only theses presentation day, but also Dominique’s birthday! Happy birthday Dominique. Eat your cake, You deserve it!

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Nov 08 2013

French week adventures…

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The French Week as come to an end ! I am tired but happy ! I hope you guys had as much fun as I did !

You couldn’t make it ?

Here are some pictures of our crêpes & games night ! You can always ask Jason, the president of the French club, his delicious crêpe recipe !





We also enjoyed watching Intouchables, a FAN-TAS-TIC movie by Olivier Nakache and Éric Toledano. I highly recommend it. I could lent it to you !

Here is the trailer, and an extract!

What event did you go to? How was your French week?! Tell me, add a comment! :)

Have a wonderful week end!

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Nov 03 2013

International Halloween Karaoke Night

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Last Thursday was the eagerly awaited International Karaoke night!

This First collaboration between wonderful Denise, Luisa, Anastasia, Rie and I was a big success thanks to you all, so THANK YOU for coming, singing and having fun with us!!!

Thing 1, Thing 2, fairies, Scooby Doo, angels, Little Red Riding Hood, the Joker and many others… You and you costumes were fantastic!

We’re excited to plan the next international event, and hope to see you there :)


Language Assistant Team!


Las Chicas, from Equador y Colombia!


Jaime, taking us on trip to Mexico!!!


Next stop: Austria!!


In China with Lucky and Lyu!


International friendship!!!


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Sep 18 2013

Le fromage c’est le plus important!!!

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Many of you came to the cheese tasting night organized by the French department and French club last Wednesday!

Bleu d’Auvergne, Chevrot, Compté… and lots of others! Oh! And very important: the baguette!

Take a look, here are the pictures of students experiencing this very French tradition.

A typical French meal is composed of :

1: a main course


2: cheese and bread


3: a dessert

Most French people eat cheese every day, sometimes as a main course for dinner!

Each region of France produces a particular type of cheese.  There are from 350 to 400 distinct types of French cheese. There can be many varieties within each type, leading some to claim close to 1,000 different types of French cheese!!!

In Alsace, the region where I come from, we produce Munster which is probably my favorite! What is your favorite cheese?

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Sep 18 2013


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Bonjour à tous !

My name is Florine, I came from France to be your French Language Assistant!!! Where exactly in France am I from?? A small village in Alsace, in a valley surrounded by vineyards ! Alsace is a wonderful region at the heart of Europe, on France’s eastern border with Germany. Check it out!!!

I went to Strasbourg University, where I got my degree in Literature and French Linguistics.

Here’s a view of the cathedral:

I have dreamt of becoming a teacher for a long, long time because I love exchanging ideas and knowledge.  My desire to teach has been reinforced by the different teaching experiences I have had recently. My dream is coming true here, in our wonderful Willamette University!

I really look forward to meeting you all! My mission: help you with French grammar, conjugation, vocabulary, comprehension, pronunciation… But also to share my culture with you! And why don’t you tell me about yours?!

Visit me during my tutoring ours, on M,T,W afternoon! Come chat with me and other students at the Language Table, Tuesdays at 11:45am and 5:55pm in Goudy!

Merci et  à bientôt!!!

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Mar 20 2013

Hummmm… ça sent bon !

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Dear Willamette Community,

The French Happy Hour today was a great success with around 30 people attending to French cheese tasting, baguettes and home-made food such as ratatouille and Provence cakes! Thank you all for coming and making of this event a great moment, hope you had a nice time!

As a matter of fact, students and professors asked me for the recipes of the ratatouille and the cakes, so here they go :)


* 2 onions

* 4 bell peppers (green, orange, red, yellow)

* 2 zucchinis

* 1 eggplant (peeled)

* 10 to 12 tomatoes

* parsley

* garlic

* olive oil

* salt

* pepper

* herbes de Provence

1. Wash and cut all the vegetables except the tomatoes.

2. Put some olive oil in a large pan and when hot enough toss the onions until they become transparent.

3. Toss the rest of the vegetables until they are cooked evenly.

4. In a blender, put parsley, 4 garlic cloves, the tomatoes, salt and pepper and mix altogether.

5. Pour the tomato sauce over the vegetables and leaves the pan on middle heat until the sauce reduced. Add the herbs of Provence.

6. Try and season with salt and pepper according to your taste. Bon appétit!

Gâteau de Provence (Provence’s cake)

* 3 eggs

* 1 cup of sugar

* 2 spoons of honey

* 1 cup of milk

* 1 cup of canola oil

* 2 cups of flour

* 1 tea spoon of baking powder

* 1/2 organic lemon

* 1/2 organic orange

1. Grate the lemon’s and orange’s zest. Squeeze both and keep the juice. In a pan with a bit of water and honey, toss the zest and leave it on medium heat until it absorbs the liquid.

2. Beat the eggs with the sugar, add the honey, the milk, the canola oil, the lemon and orange juice and finally add the flour, the baking powder and the glazed zests.

3. Toss in a buttered mould and put in the oven fro 30min at 300°F

4. Enjoy!

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Mar 19 2013

French Happy Hour! Vive la France !!!

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Dear Willamette Community,
The French Department invites to a French Happy Hour with cheese tasting, a bit of sunny Provence brought to you through a home-made “ratatouille“, check the recipe here: and baguette.
Come enjoy French games and French music around nice and tasty food!
Wednesday, March 19 from 4 to 5.30pm we’ll wait for you in Kremer’s Room in Ford Building, come along and bring your friends along to enjoy French culture!
Here is the poster!
Hope to see you there,

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Mar 10 2013


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In the name of all the Teaching Assistants at Willamette University, Gabriela and Ivan (Spanish Department), Isabelle (German Departement), Wenwen (Chinese Department), Rie (Japanese Department) and Maria (French Department):

We would like to thank all the members and students of Willamette University for making of our International Karaoke Night a huge success with more than 50 people attending! Thank you for coming and singing in French, German, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese and English and sharing our cultures together! We had a great time!

Watch out for our next International event… it’s gonna rock!

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Mar 04 2013

Les reines du karaoké… Karaoke’s Queens!

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Dear Willamette Community,

The Language Assistants’ team: Isabelle (German), Gabriela (Spanish), Rie (Japanese), Wenwen (Chinese) and myself (French) are inviting you all to an amazing multicultural gathering event around a karaoke night where we will listen and sing along songs from all over the world! If you have special requests, please send them to <hernandm>. The karaoke night will take place:

March Friday 8th in Kremer Board Room, Ford Building from 7pm

until the end of the night! We will provide drinks and food such as snacks and candies :)

In order to warm up and get ready, here are a few Youtube links to songs with their lyrics which are must-haves during French karaoke nights:

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