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Welcome to the German blog!

Posted by: msunada | September 12, 2007 Comments Off on Welcome to the German blog! |

Congratulations! You are looking at the beginning of a great resource for German language at Willamette. This blog will be updated weekly with all manner of interesting resources to help you learn Deutsch. We will cover everything from German movies at Hatfield to helpful websites to German language software that is available for YOU to use.
My name is Amy Holthusen. I am a German student and will be your friendly blog updater. If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions you can leave a comment here or email me at aholthus(at)willamette(dot)edu. You can also find me and many other language enthusiasts at the Language Learning Center, or LLC, in the basement of Smullin.
So what shall we start out with today? How about an introduction to the LLC website, and a great language learning website that you can customize for yourself?

The LLC website is found at http://willamette.edu/wits/llc. This will take you to the main page with all Willamette’s languages listed along the top. Please click “German”!
This will take you to the main German page, with the picture on top. Along the left side you will see a menu bar with categories such as culture, media, and writing and grammar. Explore our offerings at your leisure, although to pique your interest here are some good things that are included in our site:
— German maps with the ability to look for specific addresses
— Kurier, an Austrian newspaper – keep up with the other German-speaking country
— a German image dictionary with culturally authentic entries
— directions on typing those pesky umlauts and eszetts
Specific resources on this site may be covered in detail later in this blog.
My favorite language website, Wordchamp, can be found here. Alternatively, you can go to the LLC website, go to the bottom under ‘New Resources’, click on “For Students”, and the Wordchamp link is on the bottom.
One of the best parts of this site is the flashcards. You can create different sets and organize them according to chapter, category or anything else. The site has audio for most German words if you happen to be an aural learner. You can also use the “find flashcards” link on the left to use flashcards that other people have made. If you look in the “newest lists” and list the difficulty as “intermediate lists only” (the blue square) you may find my set of flashcards for Deutsch fur Alle, Kapitel 9.
Another great feature of this site is the “Web Reader”. With it, you can open ANY German site. If you come across a word you don’t understand, pass the mouse over it and a box will pop up with the definition, an audio pronunciation, and sometimes conjugation. If you like, you can add the word to a list to practice later.

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