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German blog, week 2

Posted by: msunada | September 26, 2007 Comments Off on German blog, week 2 |

Hello, all! This week’s entry will cover how to change your webmail to German, the Mixxer language-buddy program on Skype, and Willamette Abroad.

First, one of the best ways to learn a language is to be in contact with it as much as possible. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t check their webmail less than twenty times a day? Why not just put your webmail in German?
This is quite easy: log into webmail and go to “options” along the top bar. Click “display preferences” and choose Deutsch, and you should be ready to lesen, schreiben, and senden with the best of them.
Second, if your German class has attended one of the information sessions in the Language Learning Center, you may have heard us talk about Mixxer. This is an excellent way to practice your German with a native speaker. The link can be found here or, alternatively, you can find a link at “New Resources: for Students” on the bottom of the LLC home page.
Once you get to the Mixxer page, you can set up a free account along with almost thirteen thousand other people who are interested in learning language. As a native English-speaker, you will then contact a native German speaker who is interested in improving his or her English. The two of you set up a time to speak online using Skype.
For those not familiar with Skype, it’s a program that allows you to make phone calls over the internet. You must sign up for a free account. It costs just a couple cents a minute to call a telephone, but it’s free to talk to another Skype account, like your Mixxer partner will have. You can download Skype onto your own computer, and it is installed in all the computers in the LLC.
Mixxer is an excellent way to create global connections and practice your German with a native speaker. Who knows? Perhaps you’ll meet the love of your life and end up brewing beer with your sweetheart in a village in Bavaria with twelve kids underfoot.
Third, if you have been attending Willamette for a year or two, you may be thinking about where you would like to study abroad. China? Uganda? Ecuador? Some people know exactly where they want to go, but for others it’s a tough decision. Willamette Abroad is a very interesting resource that might help you out. It consists of blog entries from your Willamette peers that have studied or are currently studying in different countries around the world. The site can be found here or through a link on the LLC website. You can keep up-to-date on your friends and enemies and get some firsthand information on their experiences!
Finally, a special note for the German 231 students: I’ve posted the flashcards for Deutsch fur Alle Kapitel 10 on Wordchamp.
1. Log in here
2. Go to “help center” on the left, then to “help for students”
3. Under #1, vocabulary drills, click “search”
4. Search for vocabulary lists by title or tag, and type in “aholthus”
(my user name). Sorry there isn’t a quicker way to do this!

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