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German blog week #6

Posted by: msunada | October 22, 2007 Comments Off on German blog week #6 |

This week’s entry will cover a couple of German podcasts, Audacity software, and how to win someone’s heart auf Deutsch.

First, I have some podcasts in German that you might find interesting. This site, called SpeakenSieDeutsch (is that Germish or what?) has a list of podcasts from a gentleman named Hugh. They date to 2005, so they might be a little old, but give them a try – he speaks slowly, which along with his English accent, makes him pretty easy to understand.
If you’re a little more advanced, or looking for podcasts on specific topics, try podcast.de. If you go to “Podcasts nach Kategorien” on the right you can choose from literally thousands of podcasts such as Deutsche Welle Fokus Nordamerika (news), der Hunde-Podcast (for dog owners) and a Starbucks podcast. Quite a variety!
Ever thought about recording your own radio show? How about a song? Audacity is a free software program for recording and editing sounds. It can be downloaded here, or at http://audacity.sourceforge.net/, and it is found on all the LLC computers on the desktop, or under “audio-video tools” in the Programs list.
In Audacity, you can record several tracks at the same time and cut and splice them to make clips as you see fit, then export them in WAV or MP3 format. In addition, it’s fun to mess around with the pitch, speed, and effect settings. There’s a million different ways to use this software, but at the most basic level it’s helpful to just listen to yourself – record yourself reading a dialogue and play it back to check your pronunciation.
Last, but not least, for those of you who are looking for the love of your lives – here‘s a site of German Anmachspr├╝che, or pick-up lines.
My favorite? “Ich bin schrecklich reich und habe nur noch zwei Wochen zu leben.” What would you even say to that??

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