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Screening of SONNENALLEE next Tuesday November 25

Posted by: msunada | November 23, 2008 Comments Off on Screening of SONNENALLEE next Tuesday November 25 |

Dear students,
we will be screening SONNENALLEE (2000) by Leander Haußmann next Tuesday at 7.30 at WLT 21 (in the basement of Smullin Hall) in German with English subtitles. You can access the room through the Language Learning Center.
Here´s the trailer

A “mufta” is a multifunctional table, a “Minetta” is a radio, mopeds are called “Swallous” and “Asthmakraut Halle”─ a special asthma medication ─ is the only recreational drug available. The Soviet Union is big brother, the rest of the world is the enemy of the people, and the Berlin Wall is actually a bulwark against fascists. This is the German Democratic Republic, the land where Michael lives. The street he lives on wends most of its length through West-Berlin, with just its tail in the East.
The apartment is cramped, the neighbor works for the secret police, there’s an uncle from the West to smuggle in panty hoses, and a West German passport which makes his mother age before his very eyes. But Micha is focused on his goal: doing whatever it takes to win the heart of the prettiest girl at school.

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