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WU goes Oktoberfest

Posted by: nshevche | September 14, 2010 Comments Off on WU goes Oktoberfest |

This weekend there is a big festival going on in Mt. Angel: the Oktoberfest! And we are organizing a trip there!

Where? Mt. Angel, OR (30 min away)
When? Sunday 09/19/2010  11:30pm – 5:30pm, meet at chicken fountain
What? Okay, so what is Oktoberfest? The original one is taking place in Munich, Germany right now, my lovely home town. The festival in Mt. Angel is also a big one with lots of good Bavarian music, dancing and yodeling. Delicious German treats like real good Pretzls, sausages and sweets and other ethnic foods are served in little alpine chalets that line the village streets. Meet people dressed up in „Dirndl“ or „Lederhosn“ who welcome you in this little Germantown! Watch them perform the typical „Schuhplattler“ dance and enjoy yourself by wandering around looking for arts and crafts and soak up German culture!

We are organizing a trip there on Sunday, 09/19/2010. The number of people is limited to one van and spots will be saved on a first come/first serve basis . Students enrolled in a German class, however will be favored. We’re going to leave the campus at 11:30pm, so that everyone gets the chance to get breakfast/brunch. But consider that there’s a lot of good food at Mt. Angel as well! Since we will purchase day tickets (9 USD) that expire at 5:00pm we will leave then the latest. So you’ll be back for dinner. Deadline for signing up is Friday, 09/17/2010 noon. Just write me an email and also let me know in which German class you’re enrolled if that’s the case.

If you want some more information please check out the Oktoberfest website http://www.oktoberfest.org/index.html or contact me.
I’d love to share some of my culture with you! And since I’m also going to dress up in my traditional dress the „Dirndl“ at least you know you’ve got something to laugh about 😉

Take care,
Nadine Sulzberger (German Language Assistant) and Kathryn H. Pawlick

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