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German romantic comedy: “Keinohrhasen”

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German Film Night

Germans have humor .

– Don’t believe it?? Then come and see yourself! (w/ English subs!)

w/ pretzels and German chocolate!

< rabbit without ears>

When? Thursday, February, 17th 7:00pm

Where? Ford Hall 204-Multimedia Classroom

The film is ranked the 11th most attended German film in the last 40 years!

Main actress Nora Tschirner used to work as a VJ for MTV and is starting her acting carrier right now. Til Schweiger, producer and main actor of this film, (he also acted in “Inglorious Basterds” and “King Arthur”) already won several awards for his work. The kids acting in the film are his own. Brought together on the screen Tschirner and Schweiger present a chemistry that makes this film a funny and exciting experience.

Here is the trailer:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dbdzrPtYrHs (when we watch the film the subtitles won’t block the picture)

[This film contains explicit language and talk about sex. Please be aware of that if you decide to come.]

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