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Goethe!-Film @ Portland International Film Festival

Posted by: nshevche | March 3, 2011 Comments Off on Goethe!-Film @ Portland International Film Festival |

There is an exciting event coming up!!

The screening of the brand-new German film „Goethe!“ at the Portland International Film Festival !!!

When: Saturday 02/19/2011; the film starts at 4pm

Where: NW Film Center, Portland


This film is done by a well-known director called Phillip Stölzl who also directed “Baby” and “North Face”. “Goethe!” is NOT A DOCUMENTARY BUT A THRILLING AND ENTERTAINING CLOSE LOOK AT THE LIVE, LOVES, AND STRUGGLES OF GERMANY’S MOST FAMOUS LITERARY GENIUS.

I will be sending e-mails to everyone registered in a German class and we will go up there with a van.

Here is the trailer and some more information about the film:




DIRECTOR: Philipp Stölzl – GERMANY

Before Germany’s most famous literary genius wrote the hugely influential The Sorrows of Young Werther, the book that launched a thousand broken-hearted suicides, he lived its story of love lost. In Stölzl’s engaging historical drama, Alexander Fehling plays Goethe, who, having failed his law exams in 1772, takes a job clerking for Judge Kester (Moritz Bleibtreu). Bored, he continues to defy his father’s wishes by persisting in his writing, and one day he meets the lovely Lotte. Sparks fly, a courtship blossoms, love blooms—but Lotte is betrothed to another. “Sparkling cinematography, gorgeous costumes and sets, and a story of star-crossed love—these are just the ingredients needed to lovingly concoct a filmic biography chronicling the early years of a young man whose initial experience of romantic love would eventually alter the course of the literary world.”—Screen International. (102 min.)


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