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German Music Video Night @ the Bistro

Posted by: nshevche | April 10, 2011 Comments Off on German Music Video Night @ the Bistro |

Hi everyone,

I really wanna share this new big movement in Germany with you: the New new German Wave!

Finally, after decades of music in English there are more and more bands evolving, that sing in German. It is a big part of the current German culture so you shouldn’t miss it!

That’s why I set up a German Music Video Night for next Tuesday, April 12th!
from 8-10pm I will be showing music videos of famous German bands in the Bistro! Besides that I will bring some issues of a popular German student magazine and German snacks.

Since I will be leaving soon (3 weeks) I would love to see a lot of you guys there! Just step by and say hi!

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