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German Dinner Table Wednesdays at 6:15!!

Posted by: mbenke | September 29, 2011 Comments Off on German Dinner Table Wednesdays at 6:15!! |

Hallo, alle!! Wie geht’s?  My name is Mary, and I’m your German Liaison for the Language Learning Center (LLC)!

We have decided to start hosting German Dinner Tables every Wednesday, in addition to Thursday’s Lunch Tables!!  We hope that, if you couldn’t make it to the lunches, this new time will fit your busy student schedules.  Eating dinner with your language assistant Ilka is a great way to improve your grasp of basic conversation, in addition to learning about a German’s perspective on our food and culture.  This is especially true for all students planning to study abroad–use the language table to prep for the real experience!!

Also, whenever you come to a German event, feel free to bring your camera or videorecorder!!  This year, Ilka and I will be working hard to gather photos and recordings of German students having fun, in order to make a short video.  Please help us by taking pictures of your own and giving us copies!

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