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Hallo liebe Deutschlernende und Deutschinteressierte!

Posted by: skoster | September 12, 2016 Comments Off on Hallo liebe Deutschlernende und Deutschinteressierte! |

stina portraitMein Name ist Stina und ich bin für dieses Jahr eure neue German Language Assistant.

I am very happy to be the German Language Assistant at Willamette and I am very excited to meet you all! You can come to my tutoring hours (available on WISE; Monday through Thursday at 3-6 pm in Walton 236) and to my language tables (Mondays 6-7 pm and Tuesdays 12 am-1 pm in Goudy) to improve your pronunciation, to understand the mysterious German grammar, to talk about German culture or whatever you would like to do! 🙂


As I am from the northwest of Germany, I might be the wrong person to talk to if you want some information about the Oktoberfest, Weißwürste, Lederhosen and some other “typical German” issues (they are not typical German – this is typical Bavarian from the south of Germany), but I can show you the other side of Germany. I can show you what it is like to live in a small village, to be a member of a Landjugend, to use your bicycle whenever you leave the house. I can also speak a few words in Plattdeutsch (or as we would say: Plattdüütsch), which is a language (not a dialect) spoken by some people in North Germany. Additionally, I have experiences in living and studying in a (small) city – Oldenburg has as many inhabitants as Salem. If you are interested in getting to know this part of life in Germany, you are more than welcome to stop by and chat with me!

Ich freue mich auf euch!

Liebe Grüße,


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