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Hello, and welcome to the Japanese Language Blog! My name is Andy, and here I will offer my help in learning more about the Japanese language and culture. Every week there will be a new post talking about the resources available at the LLC.
This week I’ll introduce to you the rooms that make up the LLC, as well as the Japanese resources available on the website.

The LLC is located in the Smullin basement, room 18 B (Across the hall from the lower entrance) and contains computers and equipment stocked with useful language learning software. Each computer also has a web cam and microphone, in case you want to record or make a video. There are also a few viewing rooms that are part of the LLC, and you can use them to watch foreign videos with your classmates or friends. (please reserve these in advance) I will go into more depth about these rooms and the equipment in my later posts.
The LLC website is located here, and is also the homepage of any computers in the LLC. There is a lot of interesting information on the website, but for now let’s look at the Japanese section. To do so, click on the red tab marked “Japanese”, located near the top of the page. The Japanese main page contains information about the Chinese/Japanese department, as well as some interesting and useful links to outside sites. The navigator tabs on the left will allow you to look around the Japanese part of the LLC website.
Here’s a quick overview of the site:
Main: This tab takes you to the main page of the Japanese section, the page you are on now.
Culture: This page has links to sites introducing Japanese culture, as well as games and some interesting Japan-related sites.
Current Courses: A list of Japanese-related courses currently being offered, as well as a link to blackboard.
Media: This page has links to Japanese TV, newspapers, periodicals, and radio, as well as a list of Japanese movies available at the library.
References: Offers links to Japanese dictionaries, tools for learning kanji, tools for use with the textbook (nakama), and references for loan words and counters.
Writing and Grammar: This page has a couple guides to Japanese grammar, as well as help for using Japanese in word and other computer programs.
Thanks for reading! If you found this helpful, come back next Friday for another update!

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