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Youtube and Games

Posted by: anave | November 16, 2007 Comments Off on Youtube and Games |

We will be uploading these blogs biweekly now, as we have covered most of the basic tools found at the LLC and on campus. In this update, I will introduce you to some Japanese-related Youtube sites that I have found, and some links to Japanese games.

I’m sure you have all heard of and used Youtube, I’ve done a quick search of Youtube for Japanese-related items and will bring them to you.
Algorithm Exercise: This is a cool video of the “algorithm exercise,” take a look!
Land Walker: Robots! This is a cool video of a bipedal robot with a driver inside.
After a while, I realized that searching for “Japanese” on youtube was a bad idea…there are so many videos with that tag that finding the most interesting videos is difficult. Try searching according to your interests, or try looking at pranks, gameshows, things like that…even the things in Japanese are usually straightforwards and easy to understand.
Now for games! I found a few that might be interesting, in addition to the ones already on the LLC site.
Word Search: A quick word search game.
Slime Forest: If you have some spare time and feel like playing an RPG game, try this out…you type Japanese to attack or use skills.
Japanese Games: A compilation site with lots of links to other Japanese games, try them all out!
See you all in two weeks for another update!

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