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Winter Break!

Posted by: anave | December 4, 2007 Comments Off on Winter Break! |

I hope finals are going smoothly for everyone as we all get ready for the month-long break…
Welcome back to the final installment of this semester’s language blog! In this edition I will cover a few podcast sites we have available, as well as the upcoming World News blog and a recap on all we have to offer at the llc.

If you wish to practice or continue learning over the break, take a look at the podcasts under the new student resources menu on our site. (found here) Japanese Pod 101 has great reviews and a way to review the lesson/dialogue, so it should be very helpful. Winter break is a great way to lose a bit of the language before the 2nd semester, so try to refresh your memory every so often!
And remember, the last update for World News is coming up as well; I hear that it will be on Holiday traditions from various countries. It sounds very interesting, so be sure to check it out. Here is the site if you don’t have a link: http://blog.willamette.edu/centers/llc/worldnews/
If you feel like learning about Japan or Japanese over the break, remember that our site is a great resource, and will be available year-round. You can find information on Japanese culture very easily, as well as the Japanese language. You won’t be able to watch the LLC’s Satellite TV, but Youtube and other internet sites will be easy to access.
Have a great winter vacation!

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