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Posted by: anave | April 9, 2008 Comments Off on Network! |

Hey everybody, here’s a handy site where you can work on comprehension skills while listening to music!
With this site you can make your own stations and share them. The music is all samples, but you can easily buy them from the site. After you make your station the “music genome project” will find more artists and songs that match yours, giving you more variety in the same genre. I’ve gone through and added a few songs to a “station”, under the user name llc5 – take a look!
There is also another handy site that is somewhat similar to mixxer, called LiveMocha. This is a handy site that not only allows you to network with native speakers, but also has courses and practice sessions you can enroll in. If you like a more structured environment this is most likely one of the best you will find online.
Palabea is another site much like LiveMocha, where users can network and upload content. Much like youtube, you can make your own videos, and also upload documents and pictures for your own use or to help others learn.
Please try these tools out, and remember that it does take a while to network with others. These sites should be an extremely helpful tool in furthering your language learning.

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