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JSSL Won the Rice Cook-off!!

Posted by: anave | November 19, 2008 Comments Off on JSSL Won the Rice Cook-off!! |

The AZN Rice Cook-off took place at UC 3rd floor, Alumni Lounge on November 16th. JSSL entered three teams to compete, and our members were Amy, Lisa, Kenny, Victor and me. I was in JSSL 1, which was going to cook Paella: a Spanish dish of white rice with seafood, meat, beans, and vegetables. Amy and Lisa were going to cook Takikomi, a Japanese rice dish seasoned with soy sauce and steamed with mushrooms in JSSL 2. Kenny was so excited about cooking rice balls with salmon in JSSL 3. There were 6 other teams to compete with this year. Which team was going to stand on the podium?! All right here we go!!
12:00 The event is supposed to start at 12:00. OK! We are all set…but it starts 30 minutes late.
12:30 The MCs start countdown 5…4…3…2…1… Cooking Start!!! Dooongggg~
1. AZN supplies the rice. You are welcome to bring your own rice.
2. You can do whatever you want to your rice, AS LONG AS IT IS DONE IN A RICE COOKER! No Pan, No stove!
3. Contestants will have an hour to prep their food. Prepping can occur before.
4. Rice will be ready for tasting one hour later! Judges will circle around right when our emcee announces time!
5. Contestant will be ranked from a scale of 1-5. 5 being amazing and 1 being “you missed the boat.” The
categories: Taste, texture, creativity, presentation. There will also be a People’s Choice.
Kenny: Switches on a rice cooker, all he needs to do is wait for the rice to cooked.
rice cook-off 3.jpg
Amy&Lisa: Add to rice pot with seasoning and mushrooms and guess how much water they should add…it will be alright, and push the switch!
Minami: Add ingredients and seasoning: olive oil, white wine, thyme…and also seafood and paprika. Same here, switches on!! We have our fingers crossed:)
Kenny’s rice is ready! Let’s make rice ball. Ouch!!! It’s hot!!! Don’t burn yourself. Grab some rice and put salmon. Cover the filling and hold it softly in your hand. Using your other hand place on top of the rice ball softly and shape the ball into a triangular shape with three sides. Whew! It is hard to make it triangle…Wrap it in the dried seaweed sheet.
Amy and Lisa’s and my rice are cooked! How’d it go?? Mmmm! It looks so delicious! It’s nice brown on the bottom. Paella is cooked al dente. Well done!!!
Amy: Places Takikomi in a serving dish with cut dried seaweed.
Minami: Serves Paella on a dish with sliced lemons and tomato, sprinkles parsley on the top.
Final whistle~~!! Cooking is over.
Judges and people are circling around our table and taste each rice dishes. How does it taste?? Waiting for the result presentation makes me feel nervous and excited!!
It’s time to announce of the results. From judges, third place goes to… Tea Rice!! Second place goes to… JSSL3 ”Rice Balls”!! Uh-oh… The No.1 is “Pork Beans Rice”!! We missed the golden rice bowl. Damn it! However… JSSL1 wins the people choice!!
YES!! We did it!! Thanks to the people!!
rice cook-off 4.jpg
Yeah! We got gift certificates! Actually we practiced our recipes a day ahead. There is no wonder we got first prize? But now, I am thinking of recipes for next year… Am I getting ahead of myself? We will attempt to win for a second year!!
Yum-yum… free food was provided by AZN, and was so good! I ate too much then. But it was so much fun. Thank you, Amy, Lisa, Kenny, and Victor!
Here is our winning recipe “Paella.” Try it!
Ingredients: (serve 2)
Rice 2cups/ seafood mix 3.5oz/ canned clam 1can / 1/2 diced bell pepper (yellow) / 2 sliced mushrooms / 2 chopped garlic/ soup stock 1cup/ white wine 2tbsp/ tomato sauce 2tbsp/ clam juice/ olive oil 1tbsp/ thyme 1pinch/ 1 tomato/ 1 lemon/ appropriate amount of salt, black pepper/ saffron 1pinch
1. Wash rice and drain off rice with the strainer
2. Add to rice pot with all ingredients except bell pepper, tomato, lemon, salt and black pepper and steam
3. Put bell pepper in right before it’s done
4. When it is cooked, add salt and black pepper to taste, serve the rice on dishes with cut lemon, tomato and green

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