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Japanese Cooking Club

Posted by: anave | February 5, 2009 Comments Off on Japanese Cooking Club |

JSSL (Japan Studies Student Leader) is offering a wonderful opportunity for learning about and tasting exotic cuisine: the Japanese Cooking Club! This club will be open to anyone who wants to learn how to cook Japanese food or just fill up on delicious dishes. And best of all, it is FREE!!!! The Japanese Cooking Club is held in the evening on the third Saturday of every month. You are welcome to join us anytime! The menu and details will be announced later, so please check the blog!

I want to introduce one of the most popular recipes we cooked last semester: “Nikujaga”
Ingredients (serves 4)
6~8 potatoes,cubed/1~2 onions,sliced/1 carrot,chopped/10~ 12 green beans, chopped/ 1 pack shirataki noodles, chopped/10oz beef loin, thinly sliced/ 8 tbs sake/6 tbs mirin/6 tbs sugar/8 tbs soy sauce/dashi
1. Boil the green beans, soak in water, set aside.
2. Put water and shirataki in pot. Take off heat when it comes to a boil, strain off the water.
3. Heat oil in pod, cook potatoes, onions and shirataki. When well cooked, add dashi to cover vegetables and add
4. Bring to a boil, medium heat Skim off the top and let simmer once potatoes are soft, add seasoning and carrots and
let simmer again.
5. Once liquid has 1/2 boiled off, add green beans, remove from heat, Then serve!!
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Next upcoming recipe is a Japanese Assorted Pancake that everyone likes; Okonomiyaki!!!!

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