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Sakura Matsuri Update

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Sakura Matsuri is just around the corner, coming in 1 week. Entertainment Program is updated.
12:00PM Opening Speech
12:05PM Soranbushi (Traditional Japanese Dance) & Taiko Drummer by JSSL
12:30PM A Cappella “Green Tree”
1:00PM Shamisen Instrumental Performance by Miwa and Minato Holman and Taiko “Takohachi”
1. The Star Spangled Banner
2. Watari Zo ~Ryu Otoshi
3. Shimanchu no Takara
4. Asadoya Yunta
5. Washita Awase no Ganjyutai
2:00PM Koto Instrumental performance by Miyoko Maeda and Yasuko Fields
1. Sakura Bukyoku
2. Furusato
3. Hokkaiminyocho
2:45PM WU Kendo
3:00PM WU Martial Arts
3:30PM Nick Woolsey
3:45PM Yuya Sugimoto
4:00PM Chaos Samurai
I would like to introduce our special performers here.
Miwa and Minato Holman
Miwa and Minato have played shamisen for 6 years, and have performed at the Okinawa Beach Festival, and the Friendship festival at a military base in Okinawa. They say that the sound of the shamisen is the true heart of Okinawan music.
Takohachi was founded in 2007 as a non-profit organization to preserve DENTOU GEINOU (Traditional Japanese Drum and Dance that have been performed in Japan for centuries). Their mission is to create socially relevant and culturally respectful fusions between Japanese culture and other traditions in educational and artistic settings.

Miyake Taiko by Takohachi at Japan NIght at PSU
Miyoko Maeda (Grand master of the Somei Koto School)
She has taught and performed classical koto music in Japan since 1956. She also performed in Prague (the Czech Republic), Brisbane (Australia) and at Carnegie Hall in New York as a musical ambassador. Since she moved to Oregon, she has been performing in Portland and Washington.
Yasuko Fields
Beginning her study at age 8 in Hokkaido, Japan, she has performed for the Haru-Matsuri at the Sheridan Japanese Program almost every year since 1996, and at Japan Night at the Tigard High School and Washougal High School in Washington with Mrs. Maeda.

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