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Golden Week

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Showa no hi
April 29th was the birthday of the Emperor Hirohito in the Showa era. After he passed away on January 7th 1989, the name of the era changed from Showa to Heisei, and the day was declared the national holiday midori no hi in 1989. April 29th became Showa no hi in 2007. People reminisce about the good old Showa days on that day. Now, May 4th is considered midori no hi (greenery day). This day is the start of “golden week” in Japan. May 3rd is Constitution day, the 4th is midori no hi, the 5th is children’s day. When you add Saturday and Sunday, this week ends up having more holidays than any other single week in Japan.
Showa no hi Official Site: http://www.429jp.info/
Is it too long?
There are some companies that have 16 consecutive days off for golden week this year. “It is too long,” some people say. This year, golden week is officially supposed to be 5 days, but 16 days off is available at maximum from April 25th to May 10th. What a wonderful vacation!! But wait a minute, most people are bewildered as to what they should do without spending a ton of money, and even think it is way too long. People also point out that we are in a worldwide recession, so people can’t party quite as hearty. But it’s very rare to have such a long vacation except for New Year’s and summer vacation.
With the strong yen market and lower fuel charges among airlines, traveling abroad has been less costly for Japanese this year. Falling gasoline and highway charges have also led to an increase in the number of travelers. As for me, I love traveling, but not during golden week: there are too many people everywhere in Japan, and that just makes me tired. I would rather stay home and have some drinks than go out to get in crowds of people. Yeah… 16 days off is just too long for me. I sometimes even feel like it will be a relief to get back to work and get busy. I really think I am Japanese when I feel that way. What would you do if you had 16 days holidays for golden week? Are you going to spend all your days for having fun, or is it too long?
People are leaving for a vacation

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