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Filled People’s Stomachs with Tasty Japanese Food

Posted by: anave | May 6, 2009 Comments Off on Filled People’s Stomachs with Tasty Japanese Food |

JSSL held its 4th Cooking Night, and cooked temakizushi to share Japanese food and culture. Now adays, the Japanese custom of eating raw fish (sashimi) has become widely known throughout the world. If you ask foreigners what kind of Japanese food they like, an overwhelming majority will answer they like sushi. What they are talking about is nigirizushi (hand-rolled sushi). Nigirizushi looks easy to make, but actually only people with years of experience can make it (“sushi masters”). It’s hard for ordinary people to make good nigirizushi. There are also other types of sushi such as makizushi, inarizushi, and chirashizushi. This Cooking Night, we made temakizushi (hand rolled sushi) which is easy for everyone to make.
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Temakizushi is very popular as a party dish in Japan because it’s easy to prepare and tasty. You just need rice, nori (dried seaweed) and stuff to put on the rice. The following ingredients are very common for temakizushi: raw tuna, squid, octopus, cucumber, and egg omelet. Put sushi rice in the middle of a sheet of nori. Then put whatever ingredients you prefer and roll the nori in a cone.
Sushi rice is the key making good temakizushi. Cook rice slightly hard with kombu and sake, and pour special blended vinegar over the rice and break it up until it is glossy. It’s important to pour the vinegar mixture while the rice is still hot. Once the rice is ready, you can enjoy your own hand rolls.
We had…
Seafood—eel, shrimp tempura, tuna (canned) with mayonnaise, masago (capelin roe)
Meet— yakiniku beef
Vegetable— avocado, cucumber, lettuce, corn mayonnaise, egg omelet
Challenge—takuwan (pickled radish), natto, umekatsuo (pickled plum and fish flakes)
Our recommends are:
① shrimp tempura + avocado
yakiniku beef + lettuce
③ tuna mayonnaise + cucumber
I personally like the combination of takuwan, shiso and sesame seeds! You can taste the exquisite balance between the sweetness of takuwan and the refreshing aroma of shiso and sesame.
Looks Great!

Cooking with a dog again…

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