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Cooking Night “Gomokuzushi”

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Even today, 3,000 years after the start of rice cultivation, Japanese cuisine like rice and vegetables is considered to be a well-balanced and healthy meal.
Rice cultivation was brought to Japan from mainland China. From age to age, recipes have changed, but the Japanese eat rice as their staple food for a long time. The main Japanese meal today is called Ichijyu Sansai (一汁三菜): rice with a soup and three side dishes. It is based on the meal of simple dishes given to guests in the tea room as established by Tea Master Sen no Rikyu (千利休1522-1591) about 400 years ago. In the Edo era, Hanami picnic (花見)became popular among ordinary people, and they started tasting seasonal food, so more and more people came to enjoy gourmet food at this time.
It was then that Nigiri was eaten for the first time. Sushi is now Japan’s best known food. Since Kaiten-sushi appeared, sushi has become an ordinary food for almost everyone; however, the Japanese still feel something special about sushi. Sushi like Inari (稲荷), Chirashizushi (ちらし寿司), and Makizushi (巻き寿司) are absolutely necessary as a special meal on auspicious days such as celebrations and festivals.
This time at Cooking Night, JSSL made Gomokuzushi (五目寿司), which is sushi rice mixed with various vegetables and seasoned with soy sauce and dashi (出汁). Gomokuzushi is said to originate from Okayama (岡山県) in western Japan, and has become a popular home dish because it’s easy to make and keeps well in the fridge. This is also the perfect party dish, since all guests can enjoy!
Let’s make Gomokuzushi!
Ingredients (Serve 4) :
Rice 2cups / Carrot 1 / Shitake 6 / Fried Tofu 1/2 sheet / Snow Peas 12 (We used green onion instead) / A : Vienegar 4tbsps, Sugar 1tbsp, Salt 1/2tsp / B : Water 3tbsps, Dashi 1/2tsp, Mirin 2tbsps, Sugar 1tbsp, Salt 1/4tbsp / Topping: Tamago, Seaweed, Gari, Tempura, etc…
Step 1. Make Sushi Rice
1. Put Ingredients A in pot. Boil until it simmers.
2. Cook rice using less water. Once cooked, allow to stand about 10-15min.
3. Put rice in large, shallow dish, add vinegar mixture in a chapping motion not to make lumps. Fan the rice until it gets glossy.
10116_1249829446449_1250866165_761383_4273382_n.jpg 10116_1249828806433_1250866165_761375_4205924_n.jpg
Step 2. Mixing!
1. Cut vegetables and fried tofu into strips.
2. Put the vegetable except for Snow peas and ingredients B in pot. Stew until liquid is 1/2 gone. Put aside ind let cool.
3. Mix Sushi Rice and vegetable mixture together. Garnish your sushi with Tamago, Seaweed, Snow peas as you like, then serve!
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