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Japanese Movie Night “AKIRA”

Posted by: anave | November 2, 2009 Comments Off on Japanese Movie Night “AKIRA” |

In 1988, Tokyo is destroyed in a nuclear explosion that leads to the start of World War III. In 2019, thirty one years later, Neo Tokyo has risen from the ashes, and Kaneda and his motorcycle gang rule the streets. But when his best friend Tetsuo encounters a strange boy, is suddenly taken by the military Kaneda and his gang are looking for answers. They meet a young guerilla named Kei, who is searching for someone named Akira… Meanwhile, at a government research lab, Tetsuo is given strange medication that brings out a latent supernatural power. As Kaneda and the guerillas race for the heart of Neo-Tokyo, the city seems to be rushing toward another catastrophic event… but the power that is unleashed may turn out to be something nobody expected.

JSSL is showing the movie “AKIRA” in new theater room with nice big screen and high quality sound. It’s open to anyone, so tell people to come see cool Japanese movie. We are glad to show this one on campus FINALLY!!
November 6th, Friday
@Ford 122

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