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Mid-term Weekend

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Uwajimaya Trip
Uwajimaya – Oregon’s favorite Asian super market. At Uwajimaya, you can find special items and foods from Oregon and all over the Asian countries.
JSSL planed Uwajima Trip on mid-semester day. Because we love Japan! It’s located in Beaverton which is about 45 minutes drive from Salem, so take a trip and go shopping. There are a couple Asian markets in Salem, but Uwajimaya especially has a great selection of Japanese products. More than just groceries, there is a Kinokuniya, one of the biggest chain of book stores in Japan, and a Japanese restaurant, Hakatamon. At the restaurant, you can eat fresh hand made udon noodles. They also have wide selection of sake and delicious unique deli items. Japanese food is now very popular in the world. You can even make sushi your own as long as you can get fresh seafood. Go to Uwajiwaya and find it!
Uwajima Trip.JPG
Beaverton Uwajimaya
10500 SW Beaverton-Hillsdale HWY
Beaverton, OR 97005
Phone: (503)643-4512
Uwajimaya Homepage
Cooking Night
The day after the Uwajimaya trip, at Cooking Night, JSSL made Okonomiyaki. We bought Qewpie mayonnaise and Otafuku sauce from Uwajimaya. Remember, no Qewpie and Otafuku, No Okonomiyaki!!
Okonomiyaki is known as a kind of Japanese style pizza. Basic ingredients are flour, dashi, egg and chopped cabbage, garnished with bonito, aonori, sauce and mayonnaise. You can select your favorite ingredients as the name indicates (Okonomi means favorites in Japanese) such as sliced pork, shrimp, squid, cheese, mochi, corn, green onion, and more.
There are two areas of Japan where Okonomiyaki is very popular: Osaka and Hiroshima. Okonomiyaki is cooked differently in the two regions. In Osaka style, chopped cabbage is mixed with the batter and cooked together. In Hiroshima style, the cabbage and is cooked separately and put on top of thinly spread batter, along with yakisoba noodles and egg.
JSSL tried Osaka style. The most fun part of Okonomiyaki is cooking your own Okonomiyaki on the griddle – even in restaurants, there’s usually a griddle in the middle of the table! It’s probably easier for beginners to cook Osaka style, but both recipes taste really good, so try to make both!
Cooking Night Okonomiyaki.JPG
Otafuku Sauce Inc. is one of the famous company making Okonomiyaki sauce. They show you more recipes using Otafuku sauce.

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