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Rice Cook-off 2009

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JSSL joined the Rice Cook-off hosted by ASA again this year. We entered rice balls and shrimp fried rice. Team rice ball was Ellen, Hillary and Julie, and team fried rice was Daniel and Minami.
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The rules were simple: just cook a delicious dish in a rice cooker in one hour. No preparation was allowed, but other than that anything was ok as long as it was cooked in a rice cooker. So we had to be very creative!
Speaking of rice, it is one of the three major staples of the world along with wheat and corn. Not only Asian countries, but also America, Australia and 113 other countries around the world grow rice and it has become an important food for almost half the world’s population. Rice is a well-balanced food containing carbohydrates, protein and fat. As you know rice is the most important ingredient in Japanese cuisine. In 2007, Japanese ate almost 132 lb of rice per person, or roughly 3.4 bowls a day.
There are now three kinds of rice in the world. First, Japonica — the Japanese favorite. Japonica rice is sweet and sticky, and good to eat by itself. The second, Indica – it’s mostly grown in South Asia, Middle East, and America. This type of rice represents more than 90% of rice production in the world. Indica is great for pilafs or paella, or to fry and boil with soup and vegetables. Finally, there is Japanica — this is grown in Indonesia, Brazil, Italy and Spain. Production of Japanica is low and it’s eaten only in some areas. It tastes just a plain, but it works great for risotto or paella. So it’s really important to choose the right kind of rice depending on the recipe to make it more delicious.
So how did we do at the rice cook-off? Unfortunately we didn’t win any prizes. Both our rice balls and fried rice were super delicious, but I guess the judges thought something was missing. Maybe next year! JSSL still has chance to get the 1st prize, the golden rice bowl. (We’ve got to!)
Try the Shrimp Fried Rice recipe! It’s easy and delicious.
For 3 cups rice cooker | Prep time 10 min | Cook time 40 min
Ingredients: 2 cups of rice, 12 shrimp, 1 cup of beans sprouts, 5 asparagus sliced, bit of green onion chopped, 2 eggs, Japanese BBQ sauce (soy sauce, miso, mirin, sake, ground garlic, sesame oil).
1. Clean shrimp and marinade in Japanese BBQ sauce.
2. Place rice in rice cooker and pour about 2 cups of water or a little bit less.
3. Put shrimp, asparagus, beans sprouts and green onion on top of rice.
4. Turn on switch!
5. After the rice is cooked, pour beaten egg into rice cooker and steam until egg gets fluffy.
6. Mix well and garnish with seaweed, then serve.
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If you simply want to taste rice, here is the tip for cooking delicious white rice.
(Make sure use Japonica rice!!)
1. Wash rice quickly with sufficient water about 3 times.
2. Use nearly equal measures water and rice (follows the directions in your rice cooker or on the rice bag).
3. Soak rice in water at least 30 minutes before cooking.
4. Allow cooked rice to steam about 10 minutes after cooked, then mix in a chopping motion.

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