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Hina Matsuri

Posted by: anave | March 9, 2010 Comments Off on Hina Matsuri |

Last week Wednesday was Girls’ Day or Hina Matsuri (Japanese Dolls Festival)! On March 3rd, Japanese families pray for their daughters’ growth and happiness. Many families put on display a set of dolls dressed in costumes from the imperial court during the Heian Period inside their homes around mid-February. This display of dolls is put away as soon as Girls’ Day is over because of an old belief that those who leave their dolls out will have a difficult time marrying off their girls in the future.
This year, JSSL celebrated Hina Matsuri by inviting the Sanshin Club to perform three songs: Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, Asato Ya Yunta (a traditional Okinawan song about two lovers), and
Akariwo tsukemasyo bonborini
Ohanawo agemasyo momonohana
Gonin bayashino fuetaiko
Kyouwa tanoshii hinamatsuri

JSSL also offered an origami table, where students could learn to fold their own Hina dolls. Learn to fold some yourself here!
The event was held at the same time as the usual Japanese language table so students could enjoy the sanshin performance while they ate dinner and/or make origami. Many thanks to everyone who came! :)

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