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Hinamatsuri (Girl’s day)

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Hinamatsuri (March 3rd)
Hinamatsuri is held on March 3rd in Japan. Hinamatsuri is a festival that wishes are expressed for girl’s future happiness.

What is the custom of Hinamatsuri
*Hinaningyou(Hina dolls)
We display a set of Hina-ningyou(Hina dolls), if there is girl in your family. It is believed Hinaningyou protect girls from bad luck. Most families display Hinaningyou from middle of Feb or end of Feb to the day of Hinamatsuri(3/3) or the next day(3/4). One of the superstition of Hinaningyou is if they are displayed too long after Hinamatsuri, the girl won’t marry until late in her life.
 In the past, many children died because of illness. Then, they thought it was because of evil spirits. So, they made hinaningyou with paper to remove evil spirits, and poured them in the river.
It had been changed like this custom of Hinamatsuri to present style from Edo period.

*Food of Hinamatsuri
The common foods of Hinamatsuri are Hina ARARE, Hisimochi, Sirozake and Chitrasizusi.
Hina arare is made of sticky rice. This is Japanese sweet snack and should be colorful like picture of below.

Hisimochi is made by three different colors of mochi. The colors are green, white, and pink(red) from the bottom. There are several origins of these colors, though I will explain one origin. Green part means new growth, white part means pure white snow, and pink part means flower of peach. To put these images together, we can imagine the scene of Spring.

Shirozake(white sake) is alcohol, so children can’t drink this. But this is one of the common drinks for Hinamatsuri. There is a story that one day the empress doll showed up in a Sake maker’s dream, and then she told him how to make great Shirozake in Edo period…

All these foods are pretty colorful. The girls love colorful things. Let’s try to cook your own Hinamatsuri food with these colors!!
Have fun Hinamatsuri !(^^)!

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