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Sakura Matsuri Festival 2011 – JSSL\’s Soranbushi (please click here)

On Saturday, April 9th, Japan Studies Student Leaders (JSSL, ニ本研究学生リーダー会) held their 3rd annual Sakura Matsuri (桜祭り) in Willamette University’s Cat Cavern. Sakura Matsuri is a traditional Japanese festival held during Spring, when sakura (cherry blossoms) trees bloom. The festival included performances from Willamette Taiko, Japan Studies Student Leaders Dance Team, Sanshin Club, and Takohachi. The program also included a Karaoke contest. Booths such as Tea and Snacks, Donations for Japan Relief Fund, Food (Takoyaki and Mochi), Origami, Sumo Wrestling, Koinobori, Shodo, Games, Headbands, etc. 
* Willamette taiko                         *Booths(Tea&Snacks, Sumo Wrestling)
*Sansin club                                    * Japan Studies Student Leaders Dance Team
*Booth(GO)                                     *Takohachi

Many thanks to The Japanese and Chinese Department, The Center of Asian Studies, and to our other wonderful sponsors!

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