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Nihonjin For A Day

Posted by: blum | February 3, 2013 Comments Off on Nihonjin For A Day |

My JSP friends and I from the taiko club dressed in traditional kimono about to ride in a jinrickshaw!

This picture embodies one of my favorite memories of my time in Kawagoe, Japan.  As part of Tokyo International University’s taiko club, I volunteered to help the Kawagoe tourist bureau create a new brochure for American tourists.  It was a difficult process of being a go-between, switching from Japanese to English, and trying to explain my complicated English thoughts in a different language.  However, our hard work was more than rewarded with a free test-run of their newly designed day tour which we custom designed to activities we would like to do.  Thus, we spent the full day in traditional Japanese dress (kimono) and went around experiencing Kawagoe the old traditional Japanese way.  We ate sushi, participated in a tea ceremony, and rode in a jinrickshaw which is a person pulled cart !  It was the most magical experience! I felt like a true Japanese person (nihonjin)! It was even to the point where other tourists were taking pictures of ME! I never thought I could experience Japan from the eyes of an insider, but my dream came true!

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