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第4回日本語・日本研究 Major and Minor summit at Lewis and Clark College

Posted by: rmaeda | April 29, 2013 Comments Off on 第4回日本語・日本研究 Major and Minor summit at Lewis and Clark College |

Students whose major and minor  is Japanese studies in Willamette University, Pacific University, Linfield College and Lewis and Clark College, Prof. Fujiwara and I joined in the Japanese Language and Japanese studies summit at Lewis and Clark College on last Sunday.

Students do presentation about what they research in on their thesis. these written below are their research. Have a look at it!

1. Transnationalism and the decentralization of Okinawa identity the worldwide Uchinanchu Festival by Mizukami, Micha

2. A translation and commentary on Lee Seijaku’s from the heart of a 3rd generation Zainichi Korean by Sain, Samuel

3. A city and its people during WWⅡ: A study of Hiroshima’s Mobilization for war by Dietzen, Rachel

4. A Historiographical view of state Shintoism by Poujade-Scott, Elizabeth

5. The prince on Horseback: Okakura Kakuzo and the Tokyo school of Fine arts by Smith, Alexander

6. Japan’s controversial postwar constitution: Translation and commentary on Ushio Shiota’s Political Battles of the constitution by Thomson, Will

7. Examining representations of Sakamoto Ryoma by Garcia Maritza

8. Play Ball! A review of Japanese Baseball and Society by Mow, Chelsie Ann

9. HIV/AIDS in Japan: Translation and Commentary on Minato Kanae’s Confessions by Brigham, Ellen

10. Konkatsu and Marriage Decline in Japan by Wu, Jenna

11. Translation and Commentary on Otsuka Eiji’s A theory of Narrative consumption by Bergevin, Robert

12. My light novel can’t be this postmodern!: Translation and commentary on Hiroki Azuma’s the birth of Game-esque Realism by French Kathleen

They were doing best at that time to explain their research. After all presentations, we had Sumi-e workshop. Sumi-e is monochromatic ink painting. You can understand obviously what Sumi-e is as you see below pictures.

We had good time there. I hope they could get a rest after that. みなさんお疲れ様でした。 See you next time.

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