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Japanese Movie night on 25th October in the World language Studio!

Posted by: rmaeda | October 17, 2013 Comments Off |

Hi All!

We have Japanese Movie night on 25th October at 7pm in the World Language Studio(Fold 101).

I will show you “パッチギ” that means “Break through”. Actually, it is a Korean word.

The story happened in Kyoto in 1968. The main characters are a Japanese boy who is a high school 2nd year student and a Korean girl who is a 2nd generation Korean. He visited a Korean high school in order to propose a soccer competition to them. But, that school has problems and they always fight with the other school’s students. Even though he did not want to go there, when he went there he met a beautiful Korean girl. Then he fell in love with her.

Check the preview out!


If you are free next Friday or are interested, you should come at that time!

Hope to see you all there!

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