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Tohoku earthquake relife Bake sale

Posted by: rmaeda | March 10, 2014 Comments Off on Tohoku earthquake relife Bake sale |

We still need your help.

I do not want to remember that terrible disaster in my home country. But I want you all to know how I survive and we still need your help.

When great east Japan earthquake happened, I was in a car with my friend. I saw highway tumbling for a while. I could image that we were going to die then. But we could survive and went to my house. then I opened the boor, my mom almost cried because everything we have in our house lay down and food were in floor dropping from a fridge.Then we started to clean up while watching News in order to make sure what it was going on now. Then we understood the area we live in and all eastern part of Japan had been damaged by earthquake. Then we realized we have to get food for survival. But we could not find any foods in stores.  We all were thinking of the same way. We were afraid of nothing to eat. People bought bunch of food and materials need in the case of emergency. And my dad found a few of instant ramens. During we were waiting for my dad come back to finding food, the warning alarms happened many times and did not stop tumbling for a long time. Again we were afraid of that. Keeping watching News was too hard that I understand the truth that Great wave were taking people’s house and town away easily. I felt like I was in the hell. It was very difficult time for us.

Fortunately my home town was damaged a little. Since then three year have been passing, however people in Fukushima, Miyagi and Iwate prefectures need more help than we think. So I really hope all of you will come to Bake sale for them. I appreciate you read my blog to know our truth and your great kindness.

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