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Nice to meet you all.
My name is Naoko Matso, I’m the new Japanese language assistant for this year.

I have a nickname.
Have you heard of “Gachapin”? Gachapin is a popular character in Japan.

I look like that.


So you can call me “Naoko” or “Gacha”!

I’m from Tokyo. Some Japanese people call Tokyo ‘The city that never sleeps’. If you don’t want to sleep, you will like Tokyo :))hehe

I taught Japanese language for kids in Toronto, Canada for about 10 months. So I lived in Toronto before I came here.
I love dancing. I do kind of old style Hiphop.
Also I organized some street dance showcases with people from different countries in Canada.
Just check this video if you have time.
(I wearing blue shirts)


If you have some question about Japanese language or culture or anything please just let me know.

Thank you for reading.
I’m looking forward to see you guys!

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu*

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