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おつかれさまでした!-Otsukare sama deshita!-

Posted by: nmatsuo | April 6, 2015 Comments Off on おつかれさまでした!-Otsukare sama deshita!- |

Have you ever hard ‘おつかれさま(Otsukaresama)?
For foreigners in Japan one useful phrase in Japanese to remember and use is ‘お疲れ様です’ (o-tsu-ka-re-sama-de-su). Literally, it means “You are a tired, heard working person.” Unfortunately, when you see this literal translation it’s hard to understand how to use it and when to use it.
However, if you think of it in it’s more loosely translated form, it’s much easier to understand and know how and when to use it. Loosely translated, it is akin to “praise to you”. So, you’d use it in situations where you’d like to praise someone else or thank them greatly for their help.

So, おつかれさまでした! who did great job at the SAKURA-MATSURI!!!

And Thank you for coming , I hope EVERYONE has enjoyed!

If anyone missing SAKURA-MATSURI,
Let’s check these pictures and come to next year :))


IMG_0427 11051752_10153197487737378_6789546087515682740_o11053550_10153197489742378_5220839099020539165_o11096480_10153197480312378_6726205494696549728_n 11080009_10153197479372378_2907506550263134845_o 10866144_10153197476442378_1551761871291560020_o 11101248_10153197475617378_7916695022825941722_o
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