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Posted by: nmatsuo | April 27, 2015 Comments Off on ありがとう! |

Thank you for coming to Movie Night last Friday!
I had a great time with you guys 🙂
Japanese Movie Club is always looking for new members.
Every month, we will pick a new theme, and show two or more movies relevant to that theme.
Please contact to Risa<rsuzuki> if you are interested in joining!


Today, I’d like to invite you to one more club.
That is the ‘English & Japanese Reading Exchange Club‘.

They come together once a week, and read a short story, article, recipe or something cool in Japanese and English, with the help of both the ASP students and Willamette students.

If you want to join or have some questions, you can ask Hailee<hvandiver> or Erin<etokutomi> anything 🙂



もうすぐ 4月 が おわり ます ね。
今週 の 水曜日 は 最後 の ランゲージテーブル です。
ぜひ 来て ください✴︎


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